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Limitless Digital Media offers services in Jacksonville digital marketing & web design. Each client is tailored for affordability & efficiency. We take a lot of pride in the work we provide for our great clients in Jacksonville, FL and elsewhere. We take a different approach and recommend what’s actually needed with your business and not sell you on things you don’t need. 

Best Web Developer in 2020

Limitless Digital Media was chosen to be the Best Web Developers in Jacksonville, FL 2020 by Expertise for criteria in reputation, credibility, experience, availability & professionalism.

Better Business Bureau

We have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau as of 8/15/2020.

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Limitless Digital Media was established in 2016 and since 2000 many things have changed in the website design and digital marketing agency space. Here are principles we are sticking to to better your company.

We always want to help businesses that are what’s considered a “mom and pop shop” as well as someone starting out or just getting off the ground. We understand businesses in the beginning stages and those needing a boost in sales while bridging the gap between quality and affordability.

Many big companies out there have thousands of clients and don’t really have time to understand what you are really looking for or need when hiring a web designer and marketer. We listen to your needs and execute them, keeping you updated along the way and report monthly business statistics on our various marking plans. Oh, did I mention, you won’t be speaking with a different person on the phone every time?

We don’t claim ourselves to be a big business and our first priority is to help you and do whatever it takes. We frequently promote businesses we work with and introduce each other in manners that could help out both parties if that option is on the table. We think of all our clients as family and as your business grows, we are right there with you along the way.

How often do you hire someone for a project, they give you a time frame, and those times are not met? Well, it’s the same when dealing with web designers and developers. We stride to get all websites and projects done in the time frame we tell you. It is the #1 issue I hear about with previous web designers and how we win many over.

You know what is a very common and surprising things we run into before building new websites for businesses? They are not set-up on new age technology nor keep up with new search engine optimization practices. Every year, new updates come out on new systems and its our job to always keep you up to date on the latest and greatest technology to help run your business fast and efficient.

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